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Floral printed multihued tote bag

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Stoneage Fashion Club offers you an exclusively designed, multihued tote bag for the best price in the market. Of millions of choices, why you’d want to consider this tote bag is because it is made to compliment all your looks and all your purposes.

Having a get-together this weekend or planning to visit the beach, pair it up with your favorite dress and stun your pals. This tote is an absolute beaut and you both deserve each other’s company.

Made from 100% spun polyester, weather resistant fabric, this tote guarantees durability, ease of carrying and sufficient capacity all along. Place your order now and we’ll have it delivered immediately. Com’on, get a move on!

  • Size Details
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  • Bag 15" x 15" (38.1cm x 38.1cm)
  • Capacity – 2.6 US gal (10l)
  • Handle length 11.8" (30 cm), width 1" (2.5cm)

• US Delivery Time: 5-12 Days