I Will Fear No Evil - Charm Bracelet

$ 22.40 USD $ 28.00 USD

  • This highest quality, custom engraving charm bracelet is crafted with all our heart. This ready-to-be-yours bracelet is made from premium quality surgical steel with shatterproof liquid glass coating. This piece of jewelry comes with custom engraving option, which means you can put your words in it.


    It’s great if you have a personalized keepsake. Wearing a charm bracelet not just boosts confidence in one, but also tells you apart. This personifies your nature and makes you stand apart. When a charm accessory can be as charming as this, why have a double mind?


    Along with exceptional craftsmanship, we guarantee 100% happiness. On placing your order now, you’ll have it delivered within 5-8 business days (if U.S resident), and 1-2 weeks (if an offshore customer). Stoneage Fashion Club has a track record of no delay/no damage delivery service.