Winter Season Clothes For Men

Men, winter is coming, and it is time to bring out your stylish winter apparel. You can be warm and look crisp at the same time. One just need to learn how to layer up correctly, choose the correct colours and look for the correct fabric. Most men dress up really well for summer but, as soon as winter rolls out they get lazy and lose their style. Staying warm becomes their number 1 priority but, as mentioned above, you can look stylish and remain warm in the winter when you know how to layer up correctly.

The art of layering up has one golden rule and that is to wear thin to thick clothes. The bottom layer of your outfit should be the thinnest and fittest pair of apparel you wear. This is because, a fitted bottom layer will keep you warm by blocking cold wind. It should be thin because it makes it easy to put up layers on it. Your middle layer should be thicker than your bottom layer and thinner than your top layer. The fabric of your middle layer and bottom layer should be thinner than your top layer combined. You do not want to wear chunky fabric over a chunkier fabric as it will restrict your movement and will make you look like a heavy mess. The goal is to look stylish, smart and crisp and not like a polar bear on loose. The last step is to add a muted accessory to put your outfit together. Given below are some suggestions of winter season clothes for men.

  1. Fitted shirts, thermals and under shirts:

The bottom layer of your winter outfit should consist of fitted shirts, t-shirts, thermals and under shirts as they will keep you warm and make it easier for you to layer. You want to look for shirts that will look good. If you think that your bottom layer will not be showing, then you are most likely wrong. But, in most countries, the winter season is unpredictable. It is extremely cold in the early mornings and at night. But, during the day the weather can get warm.  So, you want to wear something that looks good even after you remove some layers during the day.


  1. Add a good old leather jacket:

A leather jacket is the classic winter apparel for men which never goes out of style. You can style a leather jacket with almost everything. You can wear it over men’s sweatshirts and hoodies for winter. You can wear it over a simple shirt when it is not too chilly outside. If you are not a fan of leather jackets, then the best alternative to a leather jacket is a suede jacket. Both of these materials look good in the colours black, brown, mauve, beige, navy and dark green. To look good in a leather jacket, it is recommended that you invest some extra cash and purchase a good faux leather material rather than going for the cheap material. There is a lot of difference between the finish of a cheap and fine material.


  1. A Gilet is never a bad idea:

A gilet is one of the most stylish top layers out there for winter season clothes. It really picks up your outfit and gels it together. Even though a gilet is arm amputated but, still it keeps you really warm. A gilet can be easily paired with a chunky woollen shirt or a warm muted colour sweater. However, you should avoid using a gilet as a middle layer and it will make you look like a balloon. A gilet is never meant to be worn as a middle layer.


  1. Men’s warm sweatshirts and hoodies:

The men’s sweatshirts and hooded sweatshirts for winters make the best middle layers for winter apparel. They are not too thick nor too thin and can be paired with a lot of things. You can easily wear a hoodie or a sweatshirt under a gilet or a warm pea coat.

  1. Add a simple scarf:

Scarves with patterns or plain muted colour scarves have the power to take your winter season outfits to a whole another level. Learn how to tie scarves and add them with any of your winter outfits. Scarves are very versatile and go with almost everything. You can tie your scarf any way you want but, please avoid one over your shoulder for sake of style gods. There is so much more that you can do with a scarf other than this.


  1. Top your outfit with a headwear:

Beanies are the perfect headwear to block your ears from getting cold and saving time from hair styling every morning. They make you look stylish, crisp and casual at the same time. Not to mention that they are pretty warm as well. However, you should avoid beanies with pomp oms, ear muffs and ear warmers. They are not in style anymore. Not only that but, they are inconvenient and fail to keep your ears warm. All they do is block noise which can be easily done with hands free as well.


  1. A good pair of snow boots:

Snow boots are the trendiest winter apparel for men this season. They can be easily paired with hoodies, sweatshirts, gilets, pea coats. They look good with both, semi-formal and casual wear. Not only do these snow boots look stylish but, they also combat with snow, freezing cold wind and rain.


  1. A flannel shirt jacket:

A flannel shirt jacket is the softest and one of the warmest things ever. You need to purchase one. It goes with almost everything but, looks the best under a gilet. They are thicker than the usual flannel shirts but, definitely thinner than a jacket. There fabric is almost of like the men’s warm sweatshirts and hoodies for winter.

If you have the above mentioned winter apparels then you are set for a warm and stylish winter season.



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