The best hoodies for winter season

When we really talk about winters, first thing comes in these cooler months, the silver lining to the bitter cold is the chance to pull out your stylish winter jackets, coats and hoodies. The best part about hoodie is you can wear it easily and it gives you a stylish as well as comfortable look. With the recent surge in popularity of the hoodie, knowing how to choose the best hoodies for your body type is essential as well as important for nailing the trend. With keeping all these things in mind, let’s break down the hoodie and what’ll work best for your body:

The very first step to finding stylish, high-quality hoodies is to understand the basics of body types and the cuts of clothing that work best for your men’s body shape.


            mens hoodies for winter season





Shorter guys: if you are little on the shorter side, the red flag to avoid is an oversized or extra-large hoodie. Loose hoodies will do nothing but make you look broader and shorter. Instead opt for a hoodie that falls no lower than just past your belt, is generally slim in fit and you look little taller than the actual size.

Taller guys: If you are a little taller than average, your priority should be in finding the correct and exact length. Hooded sweatshirt can be the best for you or either you can go with long line and little oversize. Be careful to check the quality of fabric because it can be shrinking while washing so, - consider buying the next size up. If your hoodie is perfectly fitted to your body that will definitely give you a perfect look.



Slimmer guys: if you are a slim or average build guy, so you must go for a hoodie that is fitted/ slim to avoid sagging around the waist which will help you to look bigger than you are. If you have some muscles, then a slim fit hoodie will also work best for you.

Heavier guys:  If you are a little on the heavier side, make sure that your hoodie doesn’t draw too much attention to your fatted belly. Your main priority will be to find something that is comfortable, but which equally flatters your belly. So, these stylish hoodies for men make them feel styling in winters.

How to shrink hoodies

If you are thinking about shrinking your hoodie, then the first thing needs to consider is the fabric. Most hoodies have cotton fabric, and cotton can easily shrink. If the hoodie is made up of a blend or mix, then you may have visit to a dry cleaner shop for some tailoring.

Another element you need to think about is, Zips and metal inserts will not shrink the same way the fabric will,

The best way to shrink your hoodie is to put it on a high temperature wash, this will definitely shrink the hoodie a size smaller, another way is to cold wash your hoodie, then hot dry, until dry- this will quickly shrink a hoodie two sizes.


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