How To Dress Up This Winter

Here comes the frosty season and with that it is time to bring out your winter coats. It is time to put away your cotton shirts and shorts away. A lot of men get lazy with their dressing when it comes to winter. Men just tend to put on hoodies, track pants and socks and go along their day. However, you can also look smart and stylish in winters as well. You just need to know what clothing articles to put together. Do not fret because we have come up with an exhaustive guide for you that will teach you how to dress up this winter and help you look stylish during the frosty season. The goal of dressing up in winter is to stay warm while looking sharp.

Layer up men!

Fashion does not always mean putting yourself through hell just to look good. You can look stylish and not shiver to death as well. The secret behind look rad and remaining warm in winter is layering up. You should just layer up with the right winter cloth articles to look good. The winter season is unpredictable and inconsistent. It is extremely cold in the early morning and at night while it gets a bit warmer during the day. Hence, you should remain prepared for all the eventualities. It is ideal to layer up in a way that when you remove a layer during the day, you should still look stylish and smart.

With the help of layering up in winter, you have more room to experiment and be creative with your clothing unlike in the summers where you get over heated in a simple shirt and shorts. Layering up in winters easily fulfills your goal to remain warm while looking sharp. The best thing is that when you get too warm, you can remove one or two layers and still look dressed up. There are three main layers, such as,

  1. The Bottom Layer: It includes your shirts, T-shirts and under shirts. Make sure to keep them fitted to the body because, the tighter they are, the warm you will be.
  2. The Middle Layer: This layer can also include your shirt if you are wearing an under shirt. Other than the shirt, the middle layer also includes cardigans, sweaters, denim jacket etc.
  3. The Bottom Layer: This layer consists of your coats, heavy jackets and other items of winter apparel that are the main source of your warmth and which put your outfit together.

The general rule about layering is that your bottom layer should not be of a thicker material as compared to the bottom layer. The top layer of your outfit should be the thickest clothing on you and the bottom layer should be of a thinner material. The middle layer of your outfit should neither be too thin or too thick. For instance, the winter sweatshirts and hoodies for men make a perfect middle layer because, they are not too thick nor too thin.

Another general rule regarding layering in winter is that you do not want to put so many layers that it becomes hard for you to move and perform your daily chores. Layer up clothes which do not restrict your movement. The best way is to follow the thin to thick rule of layers which was just explained in the paragraph above.

Define your style.

The first step to dress up smart is to define your style. What is the dress code? Is it formal? Is it casual? Or is it semi-formal? The best way to look stylish and smart is by following the dress code but, it does not have to boring.

Formal Office Wear:

If the dress code of your office is formal, then we suggest that you stick to dark colours the black and grey this winter. Get your hands on a warm dark grey, black and navy blue coloured suit or jacket as it will go with multiple clothes. You can add dark coloured shoes and a white shirt to this outfit and look smart and stylish in your office during this winter season. For some extra style, get rid of that boring tie add an accessory like an overcoat and a grey scarf and tie a knot around your neck which will also keep you warm.

Semi Casual Office Wear:

If the dress code of your office is not that formal, then you can skip the generic white shirt and add a light coloured turtle neck under your suit’s jacket. Not only will make you look extra stylish but, it will also keep you warmer than in a white shirt. Another way to style your winter office wear is by adding a v neck sweater over your dress shirt. Add a colourful tie to make your outfit pop a little. Top it off with a warm pea coat. The key is to look for a good fabric and avoid chunky knits as it will make you look over layered and ready for your voyage to Antarctica.

Casual Daily Wear:

Nothing is as warm than men’s sweatshirts for winters or men’s hooded sweatshirts. For your daily casual wear, you can also look smart wearing your favourite winter hoodie or sweatshirt as well. Remember, that layering is the key to look smart, stylish and to remain warm this winter. A clever pairing of different winter apparels can make you look put together and smart. To make your favourite winter hoodie stylish, simply add a warm jacket of a muted colour on. Remember to focus on colour. Winter is not the season to wear bright colours, although you can but the muted and dark colours will make you look more smart, stylish, graceful and rugged.

Just remember that with layering you should not just randomly grab apparels and put them on each other. You want to still look stylish, crisp and sharp even when you remove one or two of your layers.

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