How to choose the perfect T-shirts for yourself

We love dressing up as much as the next guy- and there are plenty of times you will hear us talk about the virtues of a perfectly -made suit. But, let’s be clear that a man’s base outfit is a T-shirt and jeans. You can find it cool T-shirts for men at anywhere and This is the only item you wear at home, on the weekends, at the ballpark, and with the kids. Men probably spend more of their life in T-shirts than they do in any other item of clothing.

First Nail the Fit

We have heard it said that only buff guys look good in T-shirts. We humbly disagree, but we get where that idea came in existence. In a plain T-shirt, that only thing that makes you “look good” is fit.

Why fabric matters

T-shirts come in all kinds of blends, sizes but the 100% cotton t-shirt is still all-time favourite of men. The reason being it’s soft, strong and top on that more breathable. You can find them in many T-shirt store.

Dress up with a plain with a pocket

With a T-shirt, plain is good. But all-the way, blank canvas, just a white crewneck plain can make you look like you are in undershirt. Or about you are about to go for a run.

To V or not to V

V neck versus crew neck- people have different opinions about it. But, once again your body is your only guide. A crew neck will make you look squarer. So, if you have the slight build, it can be the best option. A V neck is less boxy. And makes your neck look longer.

 There are many stores in Canada T, where you can have multiple designs and varieties at one go. 




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