Different Types of T-shirts

For a seemingly simple garment, T-shirts come in variety of styles, textiles, designs, and fits. But the primary way to designate shirts is by their neck types.

Crew T-shirts

An homage to the T-shirts nautical origins, this crew neck is the default tee shirt. A round neckline that mostly fits tightly around the base of the neck, forming an O around the head and makes you look stylish. Crew necks are all time best for men with a slight build, men with long and narrow face and men with very round shoulders.

V- neck T shirts

The V neck was mainly introduced so that people wouldn’t see white undershirts when a man unbuttoned the first few buttons from his overshirt. The V-shaped collar is a feature of its own and adds visual attractions. V-necks are best for men with round and square faces, shorter men- because it gives them some height and men with all defined chests.

Coloured T-shirts

All men have coloured cotton T-shirts. But to really rock the right colours, think about which colour works best for you. Just like

If you have pale skin, red or blonde hair then you must go for the grey, brown, darker green, navy and bolder shades of blues.

And by the chance if you have olive-toned skin and probably have dark hair. And don’t mind the sun. also known as warm complexion. You must go for dusty reds, pinks and purples.

Graphic T-shirts

Whether it’s a faded band logo or you favourite restaurant back home, graphic men-t has a disputed place in every man’s casual style. Wear shirts that authentic, casual, and appropriate for the occasion and give those tees a stylish look.

Patterned T-shirts

The best thing about pattern that it adds visual interest to a t-shit. They can change the shape and texture of your clothing and give your personality.



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